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Who would win in a fight goku or naruto

Goku also tends to recover from damage even greater and has immediately recovered the secure airparks discount code 2018 damage, not because some healing factor, but his overall durability is acquainted with his alien body anatomy.
I apologize for rambling about this but wow, this question is easily answered on your own simply by watching both shows.
Watch Dragonball Z and the enemies they face and the things they do, then watch naruto and watch the enemies they fight and the things they do and just observe the differences.But who would win against each other?You need to pay attention to the powers each person has, the speed, the physical strength, the energy blasts, the power of those blasts, the enemies they are facing in comparison and the other characters on the show, and then boom you have your answer.NO ONE from naruto stands an inch of a chance against pretty much ANY Z fighter, especially the super saiyans.Later, when he became an adult, Goku's stats and abilities increased x1000 after his training with the North Kai, one of the other Gods.Goku roulette sure win method fought Trunks sword (as a super saiyan, both of them) with a single finger.Well, it's hard to answer questions like this because people seem to want to compare naruto fighters to Dragonball Z fighters and 's fully retarded.This was before the first half of Dragon Ball, where Goku was still a little kid.Goku lives to train and fight, and as a saiyan if he gets hurt and healed again he is even stronger each time, theres just so many reasons why this fight is silly.Frieza blew up namek in the namek saga long ago, and they face hundreds of times stronger villains since then.
That is power beyond power, it's actually a little ridiculous.
2.) GT played against Goku's natural fighting ability rather than enhanced.He was just nearly impervious to critical damage.It would be a massacre.I mean super saiyan 4 goku fought omega shenron (yes they had to fuze, goku and vegeta to actually win but.) who is all of the black star dragonballs combined.X10: Great Ape x50: Super Saiyan x100 Super Saiyan 2 x400 Super Saiyan 3, adding in Kaio Ken, which multiplies the base form by 2, it is implied that he can add this power boost into any of his Super Saiyan forms.

Goku can blow up planets (piccolo blew up the moon in the saiyan saga to prevent gohan from rampaging as the oozaru form) and that was the saiyan saga, which is WAY back there.
Round 3: Thor knows Goku needs to breathe air, Goku can teleport in one Z fighter(I know that's not how his teleport works, but work with me here) to help or do a fusion dance(Thor will NOT be taking a break).
I won't get into SS4, however, for two reasons:.) I don't think Goku will need it much.