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Who will win montana special election

CNN's Kyung Lah contributed to this report from Missoula, Montana.
Greg Gianforte, a Republican technology executive who was charged with assault on Wednesday night, defeated Rob Quist, the Democratic candidate, in Thursday's special election for Montana's at-large Congressional seat.
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Want to know when allianz travel insurance promo code 2017 well have live election results?Precinct results may not match county and state totals.Meanwhile in Missoula, Quist who had a live band on stage at his rally, with some supporters dancing, a crowd made of young, college-aged voters as well as older liberal Missoulans.As, fiveThirtyEight noted, polls for congressional special elections have a history of being inaccurate, and it's difficult to predict whether Wednesday's assault charge will hurt Gianforte with voters on Thursday.In recent weeks, however, as Trump has grappled with his own controversies in Washington over the ongoing Russia investigation, the race tightened.RealClearPolitics points to three polls, all from Gravis, conducted in late April, early May and last week.In times of trouble, we turn to numbers.Other surveys had varying results."The Republican candidate for Congress not only lost the endorsement of this newspaper Wednesday night when, according to witnesses, he put his hands around the throat of a reporter asking him about his health care stance, threw him to the ground and punched him the.Sign up to be notified on election days.But another poll conducted by the Democratic Senate Majority PAC showed the gap at just six percent, according to, roll Call.
"That's the Montana way.".
(They're) making him their whipping boy so to speak through this campaign Screaner said.
"It is a lot closer than people ever thought it would.".Gianforte, a 56-year-old businessman, was charged with misdemeanor assault after allegedly body-slamming."I remember talking to people when it first started who said this was a slam dunk, Gianfortes.In April, Gianforte was polling with 52 percent support to Quist's 39 percent.Quist blamed a botched gallbladder surgery when confronted with a series of attacks that he had unpaid property taxes and debts.Her husband, Terry, chimed in that he believed Gianforte was "set.".I should not have treated that reporter that way, and for that I'm sorry,."He should lose the confidence of all Montanans.".Here's what we know from the polls.By early May, his lead had dropped to eight points, but it recently rebounded.