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10 Charles I touched around 100 people shortly after his coronation at Holyrood in 1633.
A Handbook of Coins of the British Isles.
Dalrymple, Sir David (1776).The Lady's Well in Kilmaurs, Scotland, is a typical wishing well.Bending a coin when one person made a vow to another was another practice which arose from this.In Roman times, sailors placed coins under the masts of their ships to ensure the protection of the gods from the wrath of the sea.Oral communication to Griffith, Roger.Citizens would hold such coins in their hand when making a wish or petitioning the gods."Broadside account concerning trials and executions for 'Witchcraft, Adultery, Fornication,.
A guide to Scottish Legends.
They were also hung above the beds of sick people to drive off the malevolent spirits who were responsible for the illness.
Holyrood Palace and Abbey 2006 Queen Anne, amongst many others, touched the 2-year-old infant.Cuby's Well (SX224 564) in Cornwall the legend was that if anyone did not leave an offering of money then they would be followed home by Piskies in the shape of flying moths, embodying the spirits of the dead.It is always of a black colour, as not being legal currency; but it nz open prize money is said to possess this singular virtue, that the person who keeps it constantly in his pocket, how much soever he spend, will always find another sixpence beside.The coin is kept in a gold box given by Queen Victoria to General Lockhart.Therefore, they are often used at shrines as well as the first money put into a new wallet.The Coin Yearbook 2001.Coins of England and the United Kingdom.This will ensure that she will never want for anything.