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1 quart of 75w90 gear oil to top off your rear differential when youre done.
5., Outer Shaft Oil Seal.
It will give you a very good idea of which parts go where, and do you buy a gift for a destination wedding how it all fits together.You can also spin the backing plate to see if the bearing operates smoothly.At least 4 cans of Brake Cleaner._ Chris 07 Salsa SR5, 4wd Cyclone pre-cleaner, Aux Transmission Cooler, Hidden Hitch 70779 (600/6000lbs, WDH730/7300lbs), AirLift 1000, FJCruiser front springs ( now rear too!_ 1997 SR5 5spd.2 - Deckplate - MT Classic II's ISR - True Flow - Magnaflow - 285/75 BFG AT « Welding shop in Georgia Transmission grinding?It is not meant to keep gear oil in the axle, which is the job of the inner seal.Seal Puller tool to remove inner axle seal (see photos below).In the meantime, clean up your drums and your greasy rim and tire.
Think of it as online social change easy to organize hard to win if you put your finger (representing the axle) in a ring (representing the inner axle seal then bounced your finger around within the ring.Note: When you re-install the brake line to the backing plate, the torque value is./lb.The rear axle has a part called a breather plug.One goes on the inboard side of the Skid Control Rotor, manchester city birthday gifts and one on the outboard side.Rear brake shoes are inexpensive parts, so I am opting to replace them while Im in there.Heres how you know youve got a bad rear axle seal: First, I called my mechanic, who I trust and have been dealing with for 10 years, for a".I may have forgotten a few things, so if anyone has anything to add, please feel free to reply to the post.