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Stuart lee rebates customer service

This includes all wireless accessories and handsets.
Costco's return policy for any Wireless Advocates merchandise is 90 days deming prize winners 2016 from date of purchase.
I was surprised it was that easy.To view our current active rebates check out our rebate center.Within 90 days you may receive a refund on the handset itself; however you will still be responsible for any applicable early termination fees if service is canceled after the Trial Period.You can register or john gilmary shea prize Login by going upper crust pizza promo code to the "My Account" section of the website, and entering your password and account name.You can find details of all orders placed under the My Account section on our website.Again, thank you for the time and effort to reissue our rebates.Ying., Woodlands, TX, thank you.Rose., Venice FL, i got my check today.
It's fairly simple, Click on "Manage Your Account and enter your username and password to view all previous orders.The Trial Period varies by carrier and State.Using fewer words in the search field will improve your results.We do not ship outside of the United States.To login now follow this link.Regina., Salt Lake City,.Thank you for the prompt reply confirming I qualified for my rebate.Ensure that you are searching with the correct carrier (ex.