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This pisses off Oyeatia in turn, so he tears Gyossait to pieces and buries her essence inside a prison no god can reach.
This is how Sonic the Comic villain Colonel Granite was finally defeated by a freak storm that took out his regiment and blew them back through the dimensional gateway to Earth seemingly, the spirit of nature itself had fought back against Granite and his plans.
The SCP Foundation : SCP-1100.k.a.
Better still, you won't have any butter for your toast for the rest of your life.Predators and parasites who kill are simply following their nature, but on lemon promo code the other hand, humans "should know better" yet shouldn't think themselves different from said animals.Similarly, Finnish deep ecologist Pentti Linkola has praised man-made and natural disasters which kill large numbers of people, the Holocaust included.This causes adverse tidal and climatic effects, animal and plant die-offs, with the ensuing economic effects (crops have to receive artificial lighting).Game-Breaker in the whole "survival of the fittest" thing, so humans are now alien to the planet that birthed.A short story from George.R.Enjoy over 140 offers for the most popular arts, sports and attractions like.What's more, the previous Count had held a desire to be reincarnated as a human.The best interpretation I can think of is that the current Count, while desiring to avenge ravaged nature, is not convinced that extermination is the only viable solution, and so goes on testing humanity to ensure it can still atone for its crimes with his.Japan's 'Divine Wind' similarly repelled invasions; attacks across the strait were crippled or destroyed by wind and waves.
Among the Bosmer, failure to adhere to the Green Pact is said to result in being "consigned back into the Ooze".
The Doctor spends most of the episode believing that the trees big win nhl players have covered the Earth and somehow called down the solar flare, in order to wipe out humanity.
In Avatar, the humans invoke the wrath of the deity of the Na'vi, Eywa, a neural network that covers the entire moon, during their final assault.Aussies with Artillery provides details on how invading Australia would be kind of like challenging Wolverine with a feather, and Badass of the Week suggesting you have to be Commander Shepard to survive.One-Punch Man features a slew of different enemies that are spawned from some force of nature, either as revenge against humans or as a monster trying to take over the world.Of course, it's also an evil world-destroying god, and it's managed to forget that humans are as much children of Gaea as anything else on the world,.In one particular forest, wolves were killed off by hunters and farmers who believed they would attack livestock.Of course, he could have been speaking literally.Other fey beings are mentioned in various works, including the barkburr who will go so far as to curse the worst of offenders by turning them into trees as an ironic punishment for this sort of crime.