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Snipe to win

That's the whole reason you place your bid with us-we do it on our servers.
This final bidding process bible verses about babies being a gift from god works exactly the same way as if you placed the bid manually, so all eBay bidding rules apply - including proxy bidding.What if eBay servers are down when your bid is supposed to be placed?Back to top How do I change my email address?ESnipe's servers are exceptionally reliable and well-maintained, but no one can promise 100 reliability on the Internet.If you are concerned about eSnipe having system problems, review the eSnipe ServerStatus page.Roth, Alvin.; Ockenfels, Axel (2000 "Last Minute Bidding and the Rules for Ending Second-Price Auctions: Theory and Evidence from a Natural Experiment on the Internet nber Working Paper."How to Outbid the Fanatics: Software That Never Sleeps".This approach leaves all bidding open, and allows any bidders who are watching during the final few minutes to raise the bid.Back to top, where can I find more information?Back to top, what are the risks of sniping?
(2006 "Bidding process in online auctions and winning strategy: Rate equation approach", Physical Review E, 73 (6 67101, doi :.1103/PhysRevE.73.067101 "Bidding overview".(If it helps you, we've only observed this a couple times in the last million or so bids.) The answer: it's undefined - just whichever user's bid is retrieved from our database first.Because auctions on eBay take three to 10 days to close, emotional overbidding can start soon after the auction opens and last until the auction closes, instead of mere minutes as is the case in traditional offline or "outcry" auctions.Snipers spend a lot of money: millions of dollars per month using eSnipe alone.Is the utility that lets you snipe right from within an auction by clicking a button on your toolbar.For more details, please visit our.Back to top How do I delete/cancel a bid?

A bidder intending to snipe can eliminate the Buy It Now option by making the lowest acceptable bid early in the auction.
Many of these buyers use custom software to search eBay frequently via eBay's API and RSS feeds in order to see newly listed BIN items before "regular" users have a chance on the standard m website.