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Singtel rewards points

Priority Level Conversion, the system will calculate points using the highest or lowest conversion rate, choosing among the global rule (specified for the entire store) or the one specified for the single user role.
Global conversion rate can be overridden by conversion rates set for user role, product category and single product (listed according to ascending priority relevance).Step Two: Click on payments on the sidebar, follow the instructions, and viola!User Role enabled to earn points entry.Both have their pros and cons; this post will help you decide which of these two you should go for.You can top up prepaid for 10, 20, 55 and more.Using 136,000 miles and 800 SGD is definitely more attractive than spending 8,000 SGD outright for a return business class ticket to Europe.There are also mobile data plans with USB modems or SIM-only plans.Premium version settings Once specified price-to-points conversion rate, youll have to configure another conversion rate: Reward conversion rate.Priority level conversion, if you enable conversion rules for user role, you can specify many different values for each single user role: according to what is specified.Annual fee waiver is given to principal and first two supplementary cards for the first year of subscription.
Addendum: simpledom has pointed out that fast transfer requires a one-time registration at either Lucky Plaza or City Plaza.
I wasnt aware of this (didnt need to).
Its pay TV service and mio TV crossed the 300,000 mark.At this point in time I havent discovered any 4mpd options for direct top-up just yet, though I believe some general spend cards (miles or cashback) would qualify.How valuable is rebate?Meticulous spender Credit card users who are able to keep track of all the different minimum spend amount and caps of the rebates cards Cash is king Users who prefer monthly offset of credit card bill to accumulating reward points for future use summary Reward.It also remains the leading broadband and fixed line operator.Pay your bill using your credit card.You can download PDF copies of your statements for your archival purposes, or to print out should you need to claim from office.Rewards points can be redeemed for a variety of things: annual fee waiver, electrical appliances, dining vouchers, shopping vouchers and of course frequent flyer miles.2017 edition (update thereve been recent changes to the Dash account that might make it possible (and easier) for everyone to benefit from using Dash, though.The virtual Visa card also works with payWave, if installed on an NFC-compatible Android device.