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The new Ram has a short 0 MT, the same as Sherline, and is self ejecting.
I got a small drill press type vise and milled mounting slots.
I used the 24"x36" maple top primarily due to real estate.I took the surface down so that sufficient area of metal highpoint started to show through the rust (i.e., the superficial layer of rust was removed).Once this end is cleaned up the mandrel holds the tube true and very stable for machining the outside surface across the length of the tube.The part is made with 3 cutters (3/16" end, 1/2" ball and 1/2" straight).Much of the strength comes from the tight fit between the tennons and the matching holes in the mounting plate.So far the displays have worked well and I am quite happy not to have to keep track of the number of turns of the hand cranks.I had just addressed the same problem so I posted some pix (attached).
I have 4 axis control, and I drive it off a parallel port on my laptop.Call or email resume to: [email protected] worked quite well.Used a rotary table plus a gear cutting wheel chase visa marriott rewards credit card to tooth a gear blank I turned on my atlas xcel energy rebates in colorado lathe using a microscope and.Off comes the old spindle New Mount New Collets and Nut from m In on she goes.The hole was then hand filed to clear the screw door sweep south africa the conical bearing flange on the screw mounting plate, so the spacer would sit flat and tight against the plate.) The stock 3/4" bolts were replaced with 1-1/2" (couldn't find 1-3/4" locally - I may.