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Picasso gift shop

picasso gift shop

And everyone will want to send postcards to family and friends to give you some idea, there are only about 5,000 different postcards!
Picasso "Françoise" - Notebook, view all related products, clear file A5 Giacometti "Great Woman IV".
3 of 5 4 of 5 5.Best sellers Musée national Picasso-Paris, picasso "Grande nature morte" - Folder.3 of 5, photograph: Yann Audino, Librairie boutique du Musée national Picasso, Paris.It has books on art, graphic design, travel guides, books for kids.The selection is diverse: unique ceramics, jewellery, kitchenware, postcards, t-shirts, candles, books and art magazines, and a luxe gifts for her special corner for children with books and toys.Even though not all design pieces in the boutique are directly related to Picassos work (unlike books, for example it is obvious that the concept store is dedicated to the artist and his creative vision.It is alive in interior and industrial design, in publications, toys for kids, and many other pieces that one can find in this beautiful boutique.
We loved Picasso-inspired vases and bowl designed by Christian Lacroix!It is also a nice and quiet space: even if you don't plan to spend money on design items, it is definitely worth a visit).MPM Bookshop is in the Plaza de la Higuera (access via Calle Alcazabilla, see map ).W hat do you buy in a museum shop?Specialising in Picasso and his period, the shop offers a wide selection of books in different languages on the subject of art.Objects, postcards, prints, etc.The bookshop-store in Museu Picasso of Barcelona has been designed to be a meeting point for visitors to further investigate museum proposals, offering a wide range of books and objects specifically chosen to meet expectations, whether for occasional visitors or Picasso experts.We loved the plants too, it gives a really home and cosy feeling.