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Patriots win over atlanta

Not sure why the Patriots are running the ball here.
Fresh set of downs.
Taylor Gabriel for a 5-yard loss on an end-around on fourth down.On third-and-six late in the first half, he picked up seven.Patriots 9-28 Falcons, :52, 3rd quarter Under pressure, Ryan throws a pass to Hooper to escape a sack, but Chung pushes the ball out to force an incompletion.They were there last week when Brady tossed an early fourth-down play up the left sideline to Gordon incomplete menards rebate form 1717 against the Chiefs.The Patriots, champions for the fifth time, scored 19 points in the fourth quarter - including White's 1-yard touchdown run and Tom Brady's 2-point pass to Danny Amendola with 57 seconds left - to tie the game.Belichick says a bunch of boring things and then comes.Falcons inside the.And then get the ball to Lewis, who gets pushed off for a yard loss.The rematch turned out to be a dud.What Trubisky was able to do with his legs - finding gaps on the edge or through the Patriots line when rush lanes were abandoned - almost ruined the game for the Patriots, giving their defense something to focus on in their next week.Matt Ryan shrugs everything off and throws to Freeman who finds a hole and immediately gets to the 49 yard line.
He has seven touchdowns and six interceptions this season.His 2nd 10 pass to Hogan is also incomplete.But for the most part he was on point, completing 21 of his first 29 throws for 241 yards.If the back-shoulder option is there on the outside for them consistently, it's hard to stop - especially with a player like Gordon, who has the hands to snatch a pass out of the air quickly while turning back to the ball, and the frame.Bradys pass to White is incomplete.Patriots will go for.14:08 - Patriots hit a big pass to Julian Edelman on the first play of the quarter, but then LaGarrette Blount fumbles and Atlanta recovers.Weens receives Gostkowskis kick and takes it 14 yards to the Atlanta.