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Oklahoma sales tax rebate form

Direct Deposit: Complete the direct deposit box on the tax return to have your refund directly deposited into your account at a bank or other financial institution.
Debit Card: If you do not choose direct deposit, you can receive your state tax refund on an easy to use debit card, which can be used at ATMs and retail locations that accept MasterCard debit cards.
Fill out and enclose Form 538-S if you qualify for this credit.If you do not specify direct deposit, you will automatically receive the debit card in lieu of a refund check.The credit is refundable, meaning that it can be claimed in an amount that exceeds a taxpayers tax liability.The credit was claimed by 475,455 households in FY 2016 for a total.1 million, according to the Oklahoma Tax Commissions Tax Expenditure Report.Your total gross household income cannot exceed 20,000 unless one of the following applies: You can claim an exemption for your dependent,.In some cases an ATM fee may apply.Access answers to other frequently asked questions @ ml#c332.Are there any fees associated with the card?How long is the card good for?How do I get my refund on a debit card?Eligibility for the credit was expanded in 1998 but the amount has never been increased.
68-5010 sections 1-7: To file for sales tax relief, you must be an Oklahoma resident and physically live in Oklahoma for the entire year.
Also, if you use the card at an ATM, ATM charges could apply.Contents, link, related, last Review and Update: Mar 24, 2015.The Department of Human Services will make sales tax refunds to persons who have been continuously receiving aid to the aged, blind and disabled or Medicaid payment for nursing home care.The Sales Tax Relief Credit, sometimes known as the grocery tax credit, is an income tax credit that provides a rebate of 40 per household member to households with incomes at or below the following levels: 50,000 ao voucher codes june 2017 per year for filers who are elderly, have.These individuals do not need to file claims directly with the Tax Commission.You have a physical disability constituting a substantial handicap to employment (provide proof, see Form 538-S).

You (or your spouse) may be able to take the Sales Tax Relief or Credit if you are 65 OR disabled AND low-income.