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The tin note has indeed some honeyish qualities (I wouldn't know how to decribe it otherwise) as well as a subtle alcoholic note (due to German government information, 5mg of rum are used for 1000mg of tobacco).
Enjoy Mac Baren Mixture.
If smoking multiple bowls over an evening, I usually include this based on mood.
The castle in the air, a late-18th-century masterpiece of renowned architect Robert Adam perched high on a sea cliff, is arguably the finest Georgian castle in Scotland.The room note is wonderful!There is a creamy quality to the smoke that is very pleasing.No tongue bite is present, but my pipe gets really hot especially at the end of the bowl.For me the Scottish Mixture is a full four stars tobacco.Actually suprised at the perfect moisture level coming out of these pouches, but, I let it air a bit anyway.It never gets boring and burns great.Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note newman (287) Mild Mild Mild Very Pleasant This blend is a pretty typical MacBaren Cavendish with golden to dark brown tobacccos that have been rubbed out.This blend falls into my "special treat" category as I'm only buying it as a reward to myself.I have to say it didn't work for me at all!There are several factors that I consider necessary to truly enjoy this tobacco.
You definitely have to smoke it slowly to get the full beauty of the flavor.I absolutely love the tin aroma and the room note is to die for.Read the full review: Inverlochy Castle, Highlands, lying at the foot of Ben Nevis, girdled by a ring of highland peaks, Inverlochy Castle discount white goods online is a place of quiet beauty.Smells great, tastes great, and when I'm finished a bowl I immediately want another.But, then stuffed the bowl a bit more ambitiously the second time (w/ second pipe) and it walked along on its own taking the occassional puff here and there.Pipe Used: Peterson #.Mixture was my re-introduction to pipe smoking, after giving up the hobby for several years.

At first I wanted to moisture it a little but when I packed it I discovered that it is best to smoke it dry.
Addendum 2018: Recently I tried again this tobacco and realized a few interesting things.
Moving with the times means waterfall showers, Bang Olufsen stereos and televisions, while the unashamedly country house style  all swags, gilt, silk and brocade, sparkling crystal, polished wood and an all-pervading sense of time suspended remains.