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There should be decent riding, except for road trails, well into April.
So we declined the beverage service, in deference to our budget.2nd, 9PM Update: Tri-County Open Others not Yet Tri-County got the best deal on snow from this weeks storm.Monday morning long range weather forecast is pretty nice. .Be careful to watch for blowdowns until the groomers get over all the trails to open everything.Especially bumming for us, we paid for two Old Forge Permits pre-season and two Ontario permits pre-season, which we always use! .We hope the Milestone will be hospitable to trailer parking again this year; today their lot was partially filled with huge plowing drifts and there was less space for trailers than most years.
then it gets cold again. .
Heres a late report from a ride last night: Hi Tom, Jeff from Alden.
I live in the Town of Tonawanda and it's great to know that we have eyes and ears down where we wish we were all day!January 30th Update: Sled Drop Off - Trailer Parking : Just got the following email from Pat yesterday. .1st 10PM Update: Tri-County Trails to Open Saturday Tom, Were ready to give it a try is the word from the field.Dont get me wrong, there are fast sections and youll experience all kinds of riding, but if you like to really turn it on, you may be frustrated at times.Hats off to those guys!Please ride with caution.