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PoliceStation with NPC Civilians, Cops, LabTech, Assistants and Chief spawning.
Players assume all responsibility when editing these lots.
Does a Blow Kiss animation and then the receiver falls asleep, tranquilized for a bit.More sims at spas ( spa day More sims will show up at spas.Accepting the Invitation will let your Sim go into a Rabbit Hole for 2-2,5 hrs to have some Fun.No Children at Nightclubs : Children will be prohibited from entering clubs and bars.Winrar, winzip, rAR expander (macs downloads, name.Wish for Youth (Only Adults and Elders are able to ask for this wish to be granted) Positive Outcome: Your sim will return to the previous life stage and have the "Smooth skin!" (10 confident) buff which will last for 1 day.
Faster Taking Turns When Bowling (bowling night : Reduced the EA 5 min wait time between turns to 2 min.
Now sims can be turned best gifts for early 20s regardless whether they've been drunk from previously or not.
Magical Connection Unlike Alignment, Magical Connection works exactly like a normal Need.In both cases the targeted sim will receive the "Following Orders" (10 dazed) Buff which will run out in about 4 hours.After they're done, they'll receive a 4 tense buff called "Disrespected the dead" Mocked the reaper" for ghosts) which will last 1 and half day.Candle making Kit Name - Candle making kit Price - 25 simoleons Location - Misc Appliances Presets -.It's called this because when you teleport, there's a brief pinkish/purplish flame effect and Llamadeus is all about the pink and the purple and the flame and such, yeah yeah.