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Matching gift companies list 2015

Submission Deadline, general Electric 1:1 5,000, employees and retirees can submit their etsy goodbye gifts requests online through the.
Austin, TX 78702.100 of both donations directly fund programs that provide life-changing services to people affected by cancer.Double the Donation suggests that, above all, companies need to do a better job of promoting their programs.Matching gift requests should be submitted within six months of the donation.Inquire through the matching gifts portal for more information.Some companies only match donations to specific causes, such as to education, they note, while others donate internationally, but who is to say that one way of giving is any better than another?Requests must be made within one year of the donation.But whatever the programmatic structure, success only comes from high engagement.Gap Corporation 1:1 10,000, matching gift requests should be registered here.Avon Up to 2:1 15,000 Donors should register their matching gift requests online here.Microsoft 1:1 15,000 Employees and donors can submit their match requests here.
American Express Up to 2:1 8,000 Employees should request their matches electronically through the American Express employee website.Inquire online for details.Matches must be registered within 120 days of the donation.Some companies match gifts made by retirees and/or spouses.So what can companies do to spike participation rates in their matching gifts program?Match, there are two ways to submit the matching request:.The impact of your gift to Rochester Institute of Technology may be doubled or possibly tripled!IBM 1:1 5,000 Employees and retirees can submit their matches here.But some companies are far more active at contributing matching gifts than most, and thats because their employee participation rates in matching programs are higher.Matches should be submitted here.