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Make a gift bow from wrapping paper

Plus, they look pretty cool and folks will wonder how you managed to make your own bows!
Take 2 of the long strips and loop over onto each other.
To make the bow, cut 4 strips of paper.5" long.75" wide.
You can play around with the width a diy dr who gifts little, but Ive experimented with strips all the way from 1 down.5 and find 3/4 works best for.Arrange the points in the second layer so they poke out between the points from the first layer, as shown below.Repeat for the 2 other strips.Staple all three together, or use double sided tape/loops of single sided tape to hold them in place.You can use scissors and a ruler, but it takes longer.Take the short piece, loop it around and stack it on top of the stapled pairs from step.Stack the 2 pieces on top of each other and arrange at at 90 degree angle.You can, of course, make the strips longer to create a larger bow, but Ive found that much smaller becomes difficult to work with.Repeat this process with the two remaining long strips.You can use almost anything for the scrap paper - like pages from a book of sheet music, comics books, maps, and more.
Depending on how wide and long you made your strips, you may decide you need a second figure 8 in the third tier thats fine!
Loop one end, then the other.Regular tape, a stapler, you dont actually have to have both a stapler and tape, but I think the bows are easiest to make with both.Wrapping cross corporate gifts paper works wonderfully, but you can also use old magazines or catalogues, as long as the sheets are at least.5 long.An easy way to create your own bows from wrapping paper, maps, magazines, or even pinter paper instead of battling holiday traffic and long store lines.Make figure 8s from the next smallest set of three paper strips, position them on top of the bow base you created in step 5, and staple them together, too.It takes less than 10 minutes and all you need is some paper, a paper cutter, and tape/a stapler.Arrange the three figure 8s so they, well, look like the beginnings of a bow!Create a figure 8 from your next to smallest strip and position it inside your bow.If you make a purchase using one of these links, The Artisan Life may receive a commission at no additional cost to you.