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Lancome bay gift 2014

lancome bay gift 2014

Those that describe Tresor as suffocating usually describe an overripe musky fruity floral.
The heliotrope creates the american muscle coupon code july 2017 magic, giving a vanilla nuance to the floral accord.
The florals are there in built promo code the opening, but soft.Here comes the peach again, this time backed by apricot, this time floating in a thick vanilla liqueur.Disclaimer Disclosure section for additional details.There is more going on in the opening of Tresor than most fragrances have in their entire pyramid.The pure parfum is less sweet on me, less silage, but good longevity, compared to the EDP.So, is it boring?
It feels like the end of Summer farmer's market, with peaches, apricots, and nectarines piled high in the sun.
It opens with a juicy, overripe peach, paired with a soft, sweet apricot blossom that emphasizes the peachy sweetness.It is the best known, and best selling Lancome, but if you look at the graphical representation on Fragrantica of those that Love, Like, or Dislike Tresor, it is striking how many people dislike this fragrance.That is Tresor, a fresh, not too sour or sweet pineapple, combined with end-of-summer peaches to create a strong ripe fruit accord.I love the musky drydown, which adds to the powdery, bitter iris note still lingering from the orris root and iris.Tresor gel is not the best body care product I have experienced: it makes great bubbles, but not so much aroma.Unfortunately, many others describe Tresor as suffocating, headache-inducing, overwhelming and offensive.