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Juicy couture gift box

Definitely one of halifax reward overdraft fees my favourites as of right now and will be for a while!
What I love about Gold Couture is the flexibility.
The amber and honeysuckle would be in specsavers mansfield voucher there too, definitely a combination of those notes mostly, I feel.I made a mistake and Gold Couture bless me with a very valuable lesson.It's true it smells sweet but it has that elegant sophistication touch that you can easily wear this to formal event or to office.That's the effect this perfume gave.It's smells really juicy sweet at the same time kinda fresh either.Just as I was about to grab it and go to the register he came back again and after seeing me smelling the bottle, and said 'How does that smell on your skin though?I accidentally drop this in my bathroom floor (Tiles, hard stiff bathroom floor).It's not terrible, but what I can smell of it isn't very special in my opinion.
Definitely go and try it out if you're into fruity and gourmet fragrances!It looks kinda tacky, maybe probably it's because of the lace ribbons something that reminds me of Victoria's Secret perfume the Noir tease.Two soft sprays around my neck is all I need for the daytime and it gives off such a nice scent that isn't too sweet/sickly or over the top.The heart notes supported by the base notes is something to die for.Alright I've received my packaging on Tuesday and been wearing this 5 days straight.I prefer wearing this at night, very 'noir' in contrast to those who may think otherwise.Plus, it gives you the freedom to wear it anytime you love.It had quite a heavy price tag on it though so I decided I would think about it for a while.This is a very sweet fragrance, and I need to be careful astonishing x men gifted episode 1 not to spray too much as to me it's quite strong.

For a stronger impression.
Edit: I love this!
Even the 'intense' version of it wasn't that strong.