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How much should i give for a wedding gift

Its much better to introduce them to money at a young age just as youd want to introduce them to a second language.
In Cincinnati, the 'going rate' for a wedding pianist to play at your ceremony is anywhere from 150 to 280.
I can remember the long hours of good gifts for someone who travels a lot practice and study it took to be able to read my portion of the Torah on that special day. .
BUT IF your NOT going BY choice AND WAS invited TO IT ALL.You could get some beautiful place mats with napkins and napkin rings as one idea.When I turned the age of 13, my friends, family, and distant relatives I saw once upon a family reunion showed up to hear me belt out a poorly sung haftorah. .Check them out at m/.You can give your fiance his wedding gift the day before the wedding or on your wedding night as it should be private when the two of you exchange gifts.So chai, chet and yud together, equals.On the contrary, custom is the Bride gives her attendants presents, and the Groom gives a gift to his groomsmen.You could spend 50 to any amount and it is entirely up to you.Giving money in multiples of 18 is symbolic of giving chai or life.
We also need to separate whether just your child is being invited to the event or you are being invited as an entire family. .Now, your child gets to decide how to spend.Even in 1982 18 doesnt take you very far if you want to buy anything.The bride and groom should appreciate anything they receive as far as gifts.If you are talking about money (and you can afford it) and depending how close you are to the niece then give or more if you wish in your wedding card to her.I run across this all of the time when I advise all different types of start-ups.If you are attending an event that people usually bring gifts to, you are not excluded.