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How could hillary win

how could hillary win

Three days later, she was back again, saying that her group, Onward Together, raised 1 million and would split it among organizations working to change border policy, including the American Civil Liberties Union and a gaggle of immigrant, refugee, Latino and womens groups.
So many people are counting on the outcome of this election, what it means for our country and Ill do the very best I can if Im fortunate enough to win today, she told a reporter.
His wife was not a political junkie like he was, and he assured her that it was absolutely impossible for Trump to win.The atmosphere at the bar, full of Clinton toppers pizza promo codes 2015 supporters, was buoyant.Eventually, she recalled a young man looked up from his phone and said, I just keep trying to get it to work in her favor and no matter what I put in, I cant.The first few states were called in the direction that most people expected.We must accept this result and then look to the future.Onward Together, formed in May 2017, is a Clinton 2020 campaign vehicle in waiting.In Washington, Elizabeth Williams and her boyfriend went to a watch party in the Adams Morgan area with friends.Andrew Cuomo proposed cockamamie schemes to avoid new federal limits on state and local tax deductions.
People around them were in tears.
Polls close and the pundits go into overdrive.
Fresh from a midnight rally with Bon Jovi and Lady Gaga in North Carolina, Clinton flew home early in the morning and voted at an elementary school in Chappaqua, New York.I had no idea what would happen from that moment.There was sad, worried crying, there was happy and fired-up crying.He lost the popular vote by close to three million votes, promptly claimed massive voter fraud and then set up a phony voter fraud commission to vainly prove his point.One moment, theres hope and the next moment its complete despair, he recalled.As soon as they crossed the street, Vanegas broke down as well and embraced his friend.At the end, he said, I knew Im at 74 64 feels a lot different in the stomach than.For the first time, Cheekss wife thought to herself, What does this mean?Trump entered his polling station in midtown Manhattan to a chorus of boos outside but a warm welcome from a supporter inside.