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Highest win rate hearthstone

highest win rate hearthstone

1, matchup win rates edit edit source, win rates are used in specific deck matchups to predict each side's chances of success.
For example, in January 2017 the best deck had a win rate stone glacier promo code of 53, 2 while the eleventh best deck had a 49 win rate.
Aggro Shaman, with around a 53 win rate overall; but when faced against.
3, this variance is not limited to deck complexity, but also changes to some degree with the different cards and decks seen at different levels of play.For example, a deck that fares poorly against currently dominant decks will likely fail to succeed, even if it has an extremely high win rate against most other decks.9 He also states that the average game lengths for typically fast or slow decks aren't "as different as you might assume".While the primary concern for meta balance is not win rate but popularity and diversity, win rate is taken into account when deciding whether to implement changes.The term is usually used as a measure of success, and effectiveness in the current meta, or in specific matchups.While essentially correct, Brode states that this is only true if the win rates of the decks in question are "very close stating that if a slower deck has a higher win rate, the player will gain rank more quickly by playing that, regardless.10 As of January 2017: The best deck in the meta had a win rate of 53, which was the worst "best win rate" in the game's history.6, many decks with high win rates have moderate or even low population sizes, and thus despite being highly effective never threaten the balance of the meta or the fun of players, consequently tending not to become the subject of complaints.2 As of September 2016: The highest overall class win rate seen up to that point had been druid,.This was "very early on when players first discovered the (pre-nerf) combo.Filter-author Diablo Builds Reddit m/r/HearthStoneRanked Facebook m/zelgraz *Patreon* m/Zelgraz *Contact me for coupons* Razer Store m/50143/t/35520 OZ GameShop m/50143/t/11793 SkyComp m/50143/t/14309 GamesDeal m/50143/t/49459 Please hit the like subscribe button to share the love.
Contents, win rates are typically used either as record of a specific player's performance, or as a record for predicting future success with a given deck.
While any player will learn to improve their win rate (at a given rank, or in a given mode) over time, more complex or simplistic decks can present a strong difference in effectiveness at different levels of play: decks that are easy to play well.
Contrary to popular opinion, the main problem with ' overpowered ' decks tends not to be an excessively high win rate but excessive population size, with the deck being seen in too large a percentage of matches, resulting in player frustration and boredom.2, despite this, decks that are perceived to have a high win rate frequently become highly popular, due to a wish to play an effective deck.A win rate refers to the percentage or proportion of games that a deck or player typically wins.For example, in January 2017 an Paladin Murloc deck had the fourth highest win rate.5, but with only.7 of the overall population.Patron Warrior was one of the most successful decks in the game at high levels, but one of the worst decks for a large percentage of the lower ranks.