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TmClass, research and development of new products for others, namely for entertainment facilities, diving facilities, hotels, discotheques, bars, restaurants, tour operator facilities, diving facilities, hotels, discotheques, bars, restaurants, tour operator facilities, software as a service, namely for entertainment facilities, diving facilities, hotels, discotheques, bars, restaurants.
Non-residents that are not tour operators will still be eligible for the GST/HST rebate paid on purchases of short-term or camping accommodation made after March 2007 if the accomodation: is part of a continuous accommodation at the same facility that started before April 2007;.Unlike the Federal rebate however, one can still apply for the Provincial rebate on homes valued above 450,000.EurLex-2, since the end hyundaioemparts discount code of 1997, Airtours has made four British acquisitions (three in tour operation and one, comprising over 100 shops, in travel agency and First Choice, eight, including two tour operators, one (Unijet) with its own airline, and the rest comprising a total.Common crawl, in case you are a tour agent or a tour operator and would be interested in working with us on a constant basis, please click on For Tour Operators subsection in the menu at the left go teeitup com promo code and kindly fill in the form provided.Excise Tax Act that eliminate the Visitor Rebate Program effective April 1, 2007.EurLex-2, eUR 137.93 corresponding to the VAT paid by the tour operator to purchase the services which it resells to the final consumer, EUR 105.93 payable by the tour operator itself, corresponding to the difference between the VAT paid on its margin (EUR 137.93) and.
The HST housing rebate in Ontario and GST housing rebate in Ontario is a rebate provided to home buyers to apply for a refund on GST/HST paid on their homes.They come singtel rewards points from many sources and are not checked.Example sentences with "tour operators translation memory.Group rates for tour operators and tour agents are provided upon request only and are usually heavily discounted from the given FIT tour operators rates.Many lodge operators and outfitters made use of this rebate to ensure their guests saw the cash back.If your house is located in Ontario, you may also be eligible to claim a provincial new housing rebate to recover some of the provincial part of the HST that you paid to buy the house.In essence, home buyers are paying 2 of the provincial tax in Ontario on the first 400,000 of the purchase price and 8 thereafter.

EurLex-2 233 Similarly, as regards the points made at paragraph 80 of the Decision, it is sufficient to note that the applicant has maintained - without challenge from the Commission during the procedure before the Court - that Monarch has given evidence that it does.