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Good gifts for nerdy guys

Weve got you covered.
Source: Geek Goodies.You nerd guy will look great in walmart mobile gift card this snazzy, old-school Pac Man suit!Source: Uncommon Goods.We are experiencing issues that if i get the powerball number do i win prevent checkout in Internet Explorer.Virtual laser keyboard Know any tech geeks that could use a supercool keyboard wherever they go?They're all in there!Surprise your favourite geek with the legendary.Superheroes rule the box office.Rick Morty out there.
Source: Pyro Mini Fireshooter So don't wait too long before you surprise the nerdy nerds you love, with a gift that'll blow their damn worlds.
We all carry supercomputers in our pockets.
This umbrella, apart from saving you from the rain, makes you feel like a warrior of the Samurai variety.A Chewbacca seatbelt cover, this super-soft, extra-awesome, chewbelta is what your friend needs when they're out and about in the city.Shed some light on the subject with this vintage-inspired lamp featuring a watchful brass owl.The one person that stands by you even as the houses of the seven kingdoms continue trying to take the Iron Throne from you.We, at TechCrunch, are geeks and proud.I mean, it's counter-intuitive if you go by actual high school movies, but very true if you think about.He'll screw the groom's broken glasses back together.Among all the high-school-movie categories that human kind has divided itself into, the nerds are by far the coolest ones.Pop quiz: A liquid's density changes in proportion to its what?Ever for all fans.

Whatever their particular brand of nerdiness - comics, video gaming, fantasy fiction or tech and gadgets - it makes them infinitely cooler.
The quintessential nerd book: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Well no better way for your.