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What was it like, I asked, the world where you grew up?
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It can occur spontaneously, or it can be structured.Capturing seniors' stories while she still can by David Ball (Herald Tribune, ).Friedman ( NY Times, 12-30-03).You can decide later if you want those interviews organized, edited, and transformed into a more polished manuscript and printed as a Oral History Association of Canada / Oral History Association, Australia / Oral History Society, UK / Narrative Medicine Program (Columbia University) rrativemedicine.A marvelous variation on personal history.No individual subscriptions, but you may be able to use in a library.Kunz, Florence Gray Soltys, and others, provides professional insight into the process of helping older adults with reminiscence and life review.Caring for Your Treasures (tips from the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (by category, such as photos, home videotape, documents and works of art on paper, metal objects) Conservation services, and how to select a conservator (American Institute for Conservation.A conservationist might, for instance, work on deacidifying a rare book, or use pigment dyes instead of chemical dyes to color materials used in repair."Restoring a book means using original materials and historic techniques to make the book look like it did when it was.You may commission a score or you may want to use "buy-out" music: royalty-free music that you pay a small fee for up front, for use in a video production, film score, podcast, and.
Interviewing advice from oral historian Alessandro Portelli (podcast part of his story about Hearing Harlan County, offers a glimpse into oral history.Enjoy the videos, but for preservation, consider the book.To Top Dads Love Letter to Mom on her 70th Birthday (on Julie Barton's website, 1-19-14).Help elders bring history to life!Teaching Life Writing Texts,.Otherwise, it displays the somewhat cryptic Distance: nnn km and keeps the latch firmly locked.Why We Tell (and we love betty boop coupon code Record) the Story (Amanda Lacson, Family Archive Business, 3-8-18) on lessons she learned at Columbia Universitys Oral History MA workshops.Hoff Back to Top Back to top of Genealogy and Timelines Popular history (online) See also Timelines, below African American history records (m).

5,000 residents of 'dying city' Grand Rapids lip-dub song about the Day the Music Died (a/k/a The Grand Rapids Lip Dub - a lively and moving.5-minute video that captures both the city and its community spirit -posted by Caryn Ganz 5-31-11 on YahooMusic) Florence.