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Gift of allah girl name

gift of allah girl name

And if that wasn't already majestic enough, we looked up the Arabic meaning of Khalid and found that it also means one who is "eternal "everlasting" - a truly magnificent name for her beautiful baby boy.
A'idah Girl Guest, the one who's returning.
Aarifah (F) Meaning: Knowing; woman who recognises Islam.
Mueez (M) Meaning: Giver of advice, admonition and protection.Reza (M) Meaning: Content, satisfied.Shazia (F) Meaning: Rare, precious, unique.Fareedah (F) Meaning: unique Farhan (M) Meaning: Happy.Zara (F) Meaning: Radiant.Aisha (F) Meaning: Life; vivaciousness; living prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet (pbuh).Uzair (M) Meaning: Precious; also thought to be a prophet in Islam.Aaqib (M) Meaning: Follower.Source, share, south Africa, meet red hot sunglasses discount Khalid Parnell - first-time parents Aisha Baker and SA cricketer Wayne Parnell's beautiful baby boy!Yasin (M) Meaning: Famous; wealthy.'Abal - Wild rose, abia - Great 'Abidah, Abida - Worshipper 'Abir, Abeer - Fragrance, perfume 'Ablah, Abla Ablaa - Perfectly formed.
Abdu Daiyaan (M) Meaning: A mighty ruler, judge, protector; one who doesn't render deed worthless but compensates.
Zaida (F) Meaning: To raise; boost.Meaning: Exhalted; highest social standing.Khairunnisa (F) Meaning: Lady of peace.Osama (M) Meaning: Lion.Aarif (M) Meaning: Knowing, aware.Mukhtar (M) Meaning: Chosen one.F Fadilah (F) Meaning: Praiseworthy; excellent.Salem (M) Meaning: Safe; protected.