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Gift duty rates nz

While the tariff concession applies to the Customs value (on which tariff duty is charged) the GST exemption applies to the GST value* (on which GST is charged) of the same goods, ie, if 20 of the Customs value is covered by the tariff concession.
Goods and Services Tax (GST gST of 15 applies to all imported items, including anything you bought online or using a mail order catalogue.
New sections 73(2 jd) and 73(2 kb) exempt from gift duty any ps4 discount code uk 2017 gifts made to central government and local authorities, provided these organisations are not carried on for the private pecuniary benefit of any individual.We calculate GST based on the total of: how much you paid for the item, plus any international transport and insurance costs, plus any import duty.Examples: Entry detail line 100.00 550.00 650.00.00, lonely planet free shipping promo code calculation, reference 75 concession and GST Exemption 100.00 550.00 650.00.00, manual duty calculation, all goods covered by concession and GST exemption. I have to pay gift duty?i am leaving my house to my children when I die.Appropriate notes should be entered in the remarks section.However, the concession may not be combined by multiple persons on one item.
Application of the gift concession does not reduce the Customs value, or the GST value of the goods, it only reduces the amount of duty and GST that may be payable on the goods after the application of the concession.This exemption aligns the gift duty treatment of gifts made to donee organisations with the policy for encouraging greater giving to charitable and philanthropic causes.The, working Tariff Document of New Zealand lists the rate for every item you can import.Concessions and allowances, in some cases, you wont have to pay duties on items youre bringing into NZ due to trade agreements with other countries.Tobacco products are specifically excluded from the reference 75 concession and full duty and GST is payable on these imports.Gift duty was abolished on, so if you have gifted the money after this date then you will not have to pay gift duty.