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Gardening gift ideas for dad

gardening gift ideas for dad

Hori Hori Knife Pitchfork A pitchfork is great for moving a variety of items around your dads garden.
Pitchfork Corbrahead Weeder The Cobrahead weeding tool is the best for handling all the nasty weeds, and uprooting grass thats creeping into the garden.
Available at Gardeners Supply Company, your dad loves the outdoors oceannailsupply discount code but not for garden therapy.These pruners really are top-of-the-line and will last your dad a very long time.This Garden Mat comes with seed balls ( non-gmo of course!He can create a time lapse video of setting up his garden, or a project hes working on around the house.I would like to extend a special thank you to Bob Bloomberg, the creator and owner of this clever idea for sending me some samples to try.It even has inch markings on the blade so your dad will know what depth he is planting his seeds and garden plants.Good tools (right tool for the job).Measuring stuff, stuff to show off to the neighbours.All in One Sharpener Weed Torch If your dad likes to take his gardening to the extreme, this weed torch is the perfect gift.
Every weekend your dad is out stoking the fire pit for a little family Kumbayah.
Cobra Head Weeder Tool Sharpener Its important for dad to keep all of his gardening tools sharp and ready to use, so a tool sharpener would be perfect for him.What dad wouldnt love some shiny new tools?!Click the pic for the post link.Your dad will never lose his tools again (well, maybe we wont go that far!).Power Assist Wheelbarrow Gardening Books For Dad More Gift Ideas For Gardeners Share your top picks for the best gardening gifts for dad in the comments section below.Available at My Garden Things.Available at Plow and Hearth, heres another handy gadget I found at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show in 2013.