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Funny old age gifts

funny old age gifts

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You know you are getting old when it takes twice as long to look half as good.You know you're getting old when your back goes out more often than you do!I like my bifocals, my dentures fit me fine, my hearing aid is perfect, but Lord I miss my mind!Stay away from risque gifts unless you know the recipient and party guests very well. .You know you are getting old when everything hurts, and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work!It used to be wine, women and song, Now it's beer, the old lady and TV!Adams Middle age is when you are sitting home on Saturday night and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you.Doug Larson Inside every older person is a young person wondering what happened.
Victor Hugo Nifty at Fifty!Youth is wasted on the young!Classic, Genuine, Antique Person!You know you are getting old when your little black evans discount code money saving expert book contains only names ending.D.Young at heart, slightly older in other missguided gift voucher online places!The worst thing about growing old is listening to your children's advice.If in doubt, don't.