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Fas1 safe discount

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For your suppressed handgun. .
The list goes on, glenn over at FAS1 Safes does not ordinarily give discounts.They truly are the best gun safes for pistols and handguns at home.Heres a video to wet your appetite even more.Its rock solid, its Made in the USA!Glenn, wE appreciate your business!It is the fastest gun safe.
FAS1-SBD (Silent But Deadly jimmy Graham with Duty To Act/CQD Denver explains why he chooses FAS1 Safe for his handgun and for handgun training classes he teaches).
FAS1 Safe Active Shooter Training Class.
Biometric safes are electronic see above.Same dimensions as the FAS1-Magnum but no holster.Hey, were Yankee fans, its.).Say you leave a home defense gun in it all the time.Position 3: Backup entry lola shoetique free shipping coupon (In swiss open gift Position).FAS1 Safe - Duty To Act/CQD Denver.This is an exclusive function that no one else offers.Shown with a few of my handguns so you can get an idea of the interior space.The keyed backup entry is really a by-product.