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Even if you don't kill them in odst, the bombs strapped to them still detonate when you kill the Brute Captain leading the opposing Covenant.
Outgrown Such Silly Superstitions : Subverted.The multiplayer map Death asos add student discount Island from the original game is essentially a remake of the level The Silent Cartographer.Also played with by Jun-A266, who actually comes off as fairly friendly and chatty in Reach.Another disadvantage relates to the preferential treatment given to beautiful people.You think otherwise, you can come and try to prove me wrong." Lightning Bruiser : Kelly in the novels was always the fastest Spartan, even when they were children.Gas Mask Mooks : Grunts, since they are methane breathers.
In Halo 3, CDR.Which most aren't available until Halo.In Halo 5: Guardians, we find out that the activation of the Guardians is part of Cortana's plans to conquer the galaxy with an army of Forerunner robots and rogue AIs.Everywhere else, the games are played almost exclusively from the humans' POV, and even then, you never get a mission where you have to kill humans, while killing too many human allies (besides your co-op mode buddies) causes any survivors to automatically attack you.The Covenant use the Type-25 Spirit, used as an atmospheric transport, and the Type-52 Phantom, the Covenant's answer to Pelicans.Also more hilarious if they run into their allies, making them a suicide bomber.

There's just one wrinkle; the Spartan-IIs and IIIs are actually part of the unsc Navy, with Master Chief Petty Officer being John's actual rank.
Super Toughness : The Spartan II's.