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discount tire clinton twp michigan

McGee is said to "hide" the TV remote, and to move the holy bible from drawer, and to shrink the shampoos.
June 2008 hoax - No information pertaining to a girl being dragged by a car can be found anywhere in Detroit.It has been told that one likes to throw things across the room to let you know he is there.Dearborn - Divine Child High School - Several years ago, when a new gym addition to the school was cross corporate gifts being built, a construction worker fell from a scaffolding and died from head injuries.Gladstone - North Bluff Cemetery - It has been seen by numerous people that a woman in a wedding dress has been seen walking through the cemetery searching for the people who murdered her husband, Raymond Visnaw.Voices are heard by the workers and teenagers who go to this location for a thrill.March 2008 Update: This is private property.Warren - Warren Lincoln High School - Around the 70's or 80's students would go to the planetarium and make out with each other.Some people who have gone and made it back have had close encounters with accidents on the way home from the house.That is when they hear eerie singing of people and shadows in the balcony.A smallpox outbreak in 1837 devastated some of the last remaining Indians in this area before the village of Chesaning was started.Detroit - Detroit Institute of Arts - There is a figure in the African Gallery called the nail figure.
The place is closed down now and seems not to be able to stay open.
They say at night the house reappears.Reports of a man in and old fashioned uniform wandering the hallway and vanishing (a witness who spotted this later saw a picture of the Ford's butler and said that it was the same person that they spotted).Paulding - Paulding Light - if you get out of your car and try to walk it, you will be walking down a hill and at the bottom of the hill is a running stream about ankle deep and it hard to cross at night.Not moving farther away, just around, sometimes back to where you were just standing.Putnam still live hear and guard the place.Warranty, registration, view Cart, community, find a Dealer, what's New.From the third floor gable room, it is possible to see the window to the locked fourth floor.Maple Grove Cemetery - On cold dark nights you can hear howling and people walking around on the graveyard when the night comes and the watchman is gone.The Station, halfway between Hawks and Millersburg, is fearfully avoided by teens today on "booze cruises due to the folklore that the two murderers appear behind you after circling the station 3 x's after midnight.

Marquette - Northern Michigan University - Thomas Fine Arts Building - The Forrest Roberts theater and Thomas fine arts building are connected by a service corridor.
Both men died from their injuries.
December 2003 Addition or update: Some say it was a cleaning lady who died in the dumbwaiter and she was cleaning it out and people see her on the stage singing Mount Pleasant - Mill Pond - is a park in the north west area.