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Discount fiberglass resin

discount fiberglass resin

High strength 900.P.
And get a hard cure.
It will give faster curing, much higher strength properties, more rigidity and much higher heat deflection temperatures.
2.50 per yard fiberglass video style 1700click on blue /cC73-EOgcYg, combined Shipping -(Cloth is shipped on rolls, we never fold, that ruins the cloth).Also, if you order items that can be combined we will combine shipping wherever possible.The Raka basic marine epoxy resin 127 is our standard resin with a low viscosity of 600 centipoise, very little smell and excellent wetting out and clear coating properties.Is slightly thicker than our 127 Resin and may not do as well for wetting out or clear coating.The shipping calculator sees ods clothing discount code each item as a separate charge.Special hardener ( 631 this hardener mixes with our regular Resin ( 127 ) or high strength ( 900.P.) at a ratio of five parts Resin to one part hardener and has a medium fast speed.
We ship our cloth, mat and roving on rolls to avoid damage.I found this great product at Discount Marine Supplies, I thought you might be interested.Your Name: Your Email: Your Friend's Name: Your Friend's Email: Subject: Include a Note: Hi!This system has a good pot life approximately thirty minutes at room temperature yet is relatively quick curing compared to other hardeners and can be used in temperatures down to.Tell a friend about this product.

Mass at 77 degrees.
It makes the strongest and most water resistant epoxy with higher heat deflection temperatures than our standard hardeners.