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You'll also find the following interesting options: Manage winners.
'Claim your prize' page.Place a time limit on how long winners have to claim their prize before it expires as a means of adding urgency to fan response time.Here are the 4 easy steps to using the Winner Picker and Prize Claim App and a detailed overview of how it works.I would like to check directly with the Facebook Headquarters to verify the legitimacy of this.You can write the text that you want to communicate to the winners that have claimed their prize and have completed the entry form.Was this article helpful?Once activated, you'll then be able to edit the different screens that will guide the winner through the prize confirmation process: You will find several options.
When sleepypeople com discount code winners claim their prize, the app will indicate they have done so by placing a claimed stamp over their profile photo: If prizes go unclaimed, then Expired is automatically stamped on their profile photo: If prizes go unclaimed, you can select new winners and.
You'll be able to change the header image and you'll find the follwing tabs to set up: On claiming.0 out of 0 found this helpful.When youre ready to publish, just click Publish in the Overview section, or turn off Admin-Only mode in the Edit section.Edit " the module screens: By clicking on the Menu at the top of the page, you'll be able to see all the screens that conform the 'Claim your prize' system.Try the Winner Picker and Prize Claim app out now for Free in Admin-Only mode.The 'Claim your prize' system offers a direct way to communicate with the winners of your Facebook and Twitter sweepstakes with the aim to provide administrators with an easier way to manage the communication with the winners that have confirmed their prize.Our support lines are open, mon-Fri from 9 am to 5 pm PST.The "Claim Your Prize" module works as follows:.

You can also use the calendar/date-range feature to find the post youre looking for.
It allows you to check the status of all the winners (if they have claimed the prize, their contact details, and export all the information into an Excel file).