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Its because of this fact I didnt run away quite yet.
The customer service was efficient, kind, and incredible.
There are two rubber cushions on the split sole design of the shoe that adds comfort to every step by putting padding between your feet and the ground.
Considering how quickly they showed up, two weeks is more than enough time to make your decision. Be warned friends, Tieks are NOT cheap.Follow me on, instagram and, for more fabulous beauty, health, and lifestyle content. Ill stick to my comfy gym shoes, thank you very much. Because of this, true ballet flats dive assure coupon code can get uncomfortable pretty fast for even the most normal of feet.The reason the box is so small is because these shoes are marketed to be a compact, toss them in your purse shoe that can easily be a comfortable replacement to the heels you might be wearing. Just remember not to leave the house in them until youre sure of which pair you want to keep.Tieks by Gavrieli is a ballet flat company taking womens feet to a new level of comfort. Now, I am learning that my unfortunate shoe reality (due to my medical condition, not a shopping problem) is that I will forever have to spend more money on high quality shoes for my messed up feet.I decided to take the plunge.
I ordered basic black in a size 9 and two days later they were at my door.Are they worth it? The pain of true ballet flats after being on my feet for a few hours really keeps me from wanting to wear them.The first, and probably most depressing thing I noticed was the price tag. I had seen a few of thers I watch talk about them a year or so ago, and was immediately intrigued.I have CMT, it is a very rare occasion that I will be in heels, so flats are a necessity in my wardrobe.We are talking a price range of 175-295 ( and one pair that is 345) depending on the pair.