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Cheap party prizes for kids

Its amazing how much of their play money they will bid to get a single lollipop or sheet of stickers, and they get so carried away with the bidding, that the auction becomes a game in itself.
As each game is played, award points to the winner and runner up, and write them on a big chart or whiteboard.During gift opening and cake cutting, ask a helper to place each childs masterpiece in an inexpensive frame and then present the artwork to guests just cartoon christmas gift box before they leave.Make up some bubble mixture with dishwashing liquid and water, and pour it into cute little bottles.With a little bit of imagination you can make some great prizes at home.Burn a CD of the guest of honors favorite songs.Here are some great ideas for arranging birthday party prizes and loot bags on a budget.You should be able to buy packets where each individual item costs no more than 50c.Your auction prizes can be really small and inexpensive, because the kids already feel like they have won a prize the money to spend!
The cost of party favors can really add.To add an extra dimension, and make the prize haul a little fairer, you could wrap up each prize so that the guests do not know what they are bidding for.Prize Auction, instead of having prizes for every game, award each guest some paper money which they can use to bid in a prize auction at the end of the party.If you like you can make up extra reasons to award points, such as nice behaviour or lucky seats.Party prizes do not have to be store bought.Stay updated with the latest news and deals.