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22.02.13 Hazel Darts Her.
She's hot, she's American, and she's got tattoos on every conceivable part of her rather sexy body.
29.04.08 Farrell's A Papper Snapper.
Former Miss World Rosanna Davison got in touch with her inner scouser (ay, ay, calm down, calm down, etc) yesterday when Liverpool FC players Steven Gerrard, Dirk Kuyt, and Luis Suarez flew-in to launch their brand new away jersey at Lifestyle Sports on Henry Street.Sultry TV presenter Grainne Seoige announced today that she's splitting-up with husband of 11 years Stephen Cullinane.Our very own Holly Carpenter is currently rocking the box on Britain Ireland's Next Top Model, yesterday she was launching BT2's Autumn Winter 2013 collection in front of pictures of canny looking aul fellas.16.03.11 Katie Shines at Killing Bono.Well so are.The Exchequer Bar turned one with the likes of Dickie Rock, Kathryn Thomas and Gordon Darcy on hand.It's not a face you would want to wake up beside on the pillow nor on a billboard advertisement for Colgate.
Well, we were spoilt for choice this week what with Anastacia, Lulu, and Heather Small in town for a big lisboa card discounts gig at The.
Like, did Brendan O'Connor miss something vital there a few weeks back?It's not often a photocall princess actually dodges the camera lens on Grafton 'model bread and butter' Street.Now another Irish pairing Sonya Lennon Brendan Courtney have teamed up and launched their very own fashion label 'Lennon Courtney'.Friday night saw some familiar faces looking to sample curries of red, green, and yellow.Eitherway, with Michele McGrath working-it out front the celebs and models just love to party in the place.We're talking Jason Segel and The Five Year Engagement engagement that went down in Dublin last night.And that was the spot Ultimate Big Brother winner Brian Dowling celebrated his return to Ireland with a couple o gal-pals.03.09.13 Stars Say Goodbye To Seamus.14.06.12 A Taste Of Damp Dublin.