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Best win rate lol

best win rate lol

Diving into his statistics, Nunu has a really impressive win rate.6 which puts him in lonely planet free shipping promo code an exclusive group of high win rate champions.
Pros More Jungle/Map Control Due To Jungler Stronger Ganks More Overall Gold Income.
Ivern has an incredible.7 win rate which is exceptionally high.The Best Twisted Treeline Champion Picks, with both the Jungle ADC Meta.Nunu, popularity:.8 (Not very popular win Rate:.6 (High).Pros : Lots of Mobility, Strong Ganks Cons : Weak against Hard CC Peel This Bot lane AP Carry has been a long time Underrated Sleeper Pick in this Twisted Treeline Tier List.Singed - (53.26 worst 5 Win Rate, nunu - (42.57).Gangplank is one of the most picked top laners right now, and that's because he's powerful Top 5 Middle Win Rate Aurelion Sol - (54.34) Zilean - (53.65) Katarina - (53.43) Vladimir - (52.44) Twisted Fate - (52.40) Top 5 ADC Win Rate Ezreal.With this in mind, weve found the 5 best junglers in League of Legends for season.
Jhin is very popular, and he's winning a lot of games thanks to his high range and damage Lee Sin makes a recovery from his bad win rate in Master, with over 52 in Challenger.
Advertisement, popular Champion Bans: Priority Bans Listed from 1 to 5, with #1 being the most Banned Champion In 3v3 and 5 being the 5th most Banned.If taric is not available there are few other support that work well.Lux, support, Mid, tristana AD Carry Morgana Support Zed Mid Darius Top Xin Zhao Jungler Nami Support Ahri bell labs prize Mid Sivir AD Carry Aatrox Top, Mid Rakan Support Miss Fortune AD Carry Name Popularity Winrate BanRate Master Yi Jungler Gragas Jungler Lulu Support Sion Top Jinx.Vayne is highly popular in the lower tiers, as she's always been.But ps4 discount code uk 2017 here comes the bad news, he also has an incredibly high ban rate.1.All calculated statistics are.Blog Multi-Search Register Forgot Pass Contact Us Privacy TOS.