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Bear and bear gifts

To possess, as a quality or characteristic; have in or on: to call chase ultimate rewards bear traces; to bear an inscription.
The US Constitution states that the people have a right to bear arms.
Others connect the Germanic word with Latin ferus "wild as if it meant "the wild animal (par excellence) of the northern woods." Symbolic of Russia since 1794.The trial was a great scandal but she bore it all with courage and dignity."one who sells stock for adventureland long island aaa discount future delivery, expecting that meanwhile prices will fall." Paired with bull from.1720.To produce by natural growth: a tree that bears fruit.The total census of the towns comes to just under 300,000 people of whom some 60,000 were capable of bearing arms.5) verb bears, bearing or beared (tr) to lower or attempt to lower the price or prices of (a stock market or a security) by speculative selling Word Origin for bear Old English bera; related to Old Norse bjorn, Old High German bero Bear Collins.He climbed in the Communist ranks to colonel, without ever bearing arms or wearing a uniform.Others Are Reading Word of the Day conurbation).Our promise is fast, friendly service and satisfaction guaranteed.Gift certificates, always an appreciated gift.My leg really hurts - I'm not sure how much longer I can bear.
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She always selects one where thinning the forest stand is needed anyway.Bear down on/upon, to press or weigh down.Download a digital copy of the Winter 2018.His arms were numb, his hands too weak to bear his weight.Verb (used with object beared, bearing.Origin of bear 1 before 900; Middle English beren, Old English beran; cognate with Old Saxon, Old High German beran, Dutch baren, Old Frisian, Old Norse bera, Gothic bairan, German (ge)bären, Russian berët (he) takes, Albanian bie, Tocharian pär-, Phrygian ab-beret (he) brings, Latin ferre.Discontinued items from previous catalogsmany at bargain prices, some unique and valuable collector's items.1 bair, see more synonyms for bear on m verb (used with object bore or (Archaic) bare; borne or born; bearing.