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Emerald retcons it to Manectric, which he seems to keep for Pokémon Black 2 and White.
The Quiet One : Read her" in Call-Back above.Wake-Up Call Boss : Brock is well-known for giving wake-up calls to most trainers, who are unprepared to take on his Rock-type Pokémon with their Normal, Flying, Bug, and occasionally Poison or Electric-types.The Smurfette Principle : As mentioned, she is the first female Bug-type Gym Leader.Break the Haughty : Implied with in his past as a movie star."I believe in rock hard defense and determination!Sharp-Dressed Man : Cheren now wears a suit.Signature Move : Shadow Ball in both Gen II and Gen.Straight Girl and Wise Woman : The Straight Girl to Elesa's Wise Woman.Not long after the player has left the Gym, the Big Bad appears on everyone's Holo Caster announcing his plan to awaken the version's legendary and activate the ultimate weapon that will kill everyone who's not part of Team Flare.It also helps that " Ha ya to " means "pidgeon".
From discount netball trainers Generation V, triplets Cilan, Chili, and Cress run the Striaton Gym together.Friend to All Living Things : He is one of the curators of the Pokémon Village, a village filled with Pokémon who were abandoned or mistreated.In the original Ruby and Sapphire, her second Slugma doesn't know it either.Stoic Spectacles : In Black and White.You can get the same big grips coupon code effect by catching a Riolu how to use ryanair vouchers from Floccesy Ranch and evolving it into Lucario.Roxie is completely against his reasoning due to how both jobs are extremely different unlike hers.