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RA and DEC explained at last!
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Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered just what you were gregg gift company bible covers looking at?
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All those galaxies, and billions upon billions of solar systems in each one.
Well, Ill show you how to unlock the secrets of astronomy and the mysteries of telescopes to get you started in the exciting adventure of exploring your universe and with this newly learned knowledge you will become a confident and enthusiastic astronomer.
You won't buy the wrong equipment to start with and you won't need to buy lots of books to explain how it works!When I first started out in astronomy I had to learn all these things the hard way!Here's the best news of all: you can take advantage of an extraordinary offer.Check with your Educational Officer!It offers views on environmental problems and proposes solutions regarding ecology, conservation, wildlife, policy, recreation, and technology.Super Bonus #5 How to observe the Sun while protecting your eyesight!